About us

Why we've created Belty

We believe it's time to blur the line between technology and fashion. Before Belty you were just wearing a belt, now you're using it.

In 2013, we created our company Emiota, to revisit traditional accessories by mixing technology with French savoir-faire. The belt quickly became our main project.

The Belty team works with fashion designers and leather goods manufacturers to make our users's life easier and smarter without sacrificing style. 

Our partnership with L'Aiglon

 L'aiglonWe are proud to partner with L'Aiglon, combining both premium quality leather with cutting edge technology.

This French design house has been specializing in high-quality leather belt manufacturing for over 125 years. No details neglected from start to finish. The hand-stitched belts contain only exceptional, durable canvas thread, coated with colorless wax, which allows the threads to slide smoothly and strongly through the leather.

L'Aiglon is also well-known for their "Zero Edge" cut technology that is still unsurpassed in the market today.

We Support AMTM


Since its inception in 1992, the "Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde" (AMTM) have carried out medical aid during their missions through Nepal and India.

AMTM now has three main goals that truly touch our hearts : health, sustainable development and sponsorships for direct and global action.

Belty is proud to support AMTM, to continue to work as a global agent for world development.

HOW YOU CAN HELP : When buying Belty, you will receive a confirmation email asking if you want to decline the external packaging and donate its worth (1,65$ or 1,5€) to AMTM, in addition to make an effort for the environment. 

Follow AMTM's latest actions and support them on http://amtm.org